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                  SAY IT IN RUSSIAN

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Say it in Russian is the hottest new award winning independent romantic thriller.  Andrew Lamont, (Steven Brand) a successful American divorce attorney, travels to Paris, where he's introduced by Jacqueline De Rossy (Academy Award Winner Faye Dunaway) to Daria Larina (Agata Gotova), a beautiful and enigmatic Russian girl. Head over heels from virtually the minute he sees her, Andrew pursues Daria with intensity. Charming and a bit relentless in his pursuit of Daria, he succeeds in winning her heart, but a greater challenge awaits him when he accompanies Daria to her father's wedding in Moscow.

Winner, Silver Medal for Feature Films, New York Festivals
Winner, Best in Show (Feature), Indie Fest, San Diego
Winner, Award of Excellence in Cinematography, Indie Fest
Winner, Award of Merit, Best Supporting Actor, Rade Sherbedgia, Indie Fest
Winner, Gold Palm Award for Best Feature Film, Honolulu international Film Festival
Winner, Best Actress-Agata Gotova, Honolulu International Film Festival
Winner, Best Big Budget Film, Myrtle Beach International Film Festival
Official Selection: 2008 Other Venice Film Festival, 2008 Geneva Film Festival,
2009 Omaha Film Festival